Dakar Rally: Final Peterhansel takes his 14th victory

Peterhansel gets his 14th victory

Stéphane Peterhansel wins the 43rd Dakar Rally. The desert rally was decided by a puncture. Motorcyclist dies.

A.Even at the age of 55, Stéphane Peterhansel is the champion of the Dakar Rally. After twelve stages, over 7000 kilometers and more than 44 hours of driving time, the Frenchman has won the queen of the desert rallies for the 14th time. 30 years ago (1991) he achieved his first triumph on a motorcycle, and since then he has had a total of six victories on two and eight on four wheels. He last won the Dakar Rally in 2017.
Peterhansel is happy about his triumph with the mini buggy (over 350 hp) of the X-Raid team: “Of course you have more pressure when you lead the race because you can lose everything. We drove very precisely and didn’t make any major mistakes. “

Interesting statistics: Peterhansel only won one stage, but the defeated Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota all-wheel drive / over 350 hp) won six of the twelve stages! Nevertheless, in the end he was almost a quarter of an hour behind Peterhansel.

Buggies with tire advantages?

Al-Attiyah has an explanation for this: “Mistakes in the navigation and tire damage decided the race. Our team had around 60 punctures and the mini team only 14. These numbers speak for themselves. The buggies have bigger tires and can drive over stones better. “
A battle of concepts has been raging at the Dakar Rally for years. All-wheel drive against rear-wheel drive vehicles (buggies). In order for the buggies to be competitive at all, they have various advantages – such as more suspension travel and larger dampers. This meant that the rear-wheel drive vehicles were faster than the all-wheel drive vehicles, especially in terms of top speed, which mainly got their time out of the slow corners. Because a speed limit of 180 km / h was introduced in 2021, the all-wheel drive was actually a favorite.
But the buggies kept their tire advantage. Not only can you use larger tires, you can also adjust the tire pressure from the cockpit – and adjust it depending on the terrain. These were important success factors for Peterhansel.

70th death in the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally claimed its 70th death. Pierre Cherpin crashed his motorcycle on the seventh stage.

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In 2023, the benefits of the rear-wheel drive will be further reduced, as the FIA ​​Cross-Country Commission President and Ex-Dakar winner Jutta Kleinschmidt revealed in an exclusive interview with us: “We no longer give the rear-wheel drive so many advantages. Because they have to be competitive at all. They can be much lighter, have more suspension travel, and sometimes have a larger restrictor. For many people, off-road means all-wheel drive. That’s why many manufacturers also want to promote all-wheel drive. “

However, there was still tragic news on the last day: The Dakar Rally claimed its 70th death. Pierre Cherpin crashed his motorcycle on the seventh stage, sustaining serious head injuries and has now succumbed to his injuries. He was only 52 years old.
A German driver did not compete in the car classification in 2021. Co-driver Timo Gottschalk achieved fourth place with Jakub Przygonski (Toyota). Dirk von Zitzewitz at the side of Yazeed Al-Rajhi (Toyota) did not make it into the top 10.

What’s next in 2022? Peterhansel is still not tired of Dakar. For years he has dreamed of contesting the Dakar Rally with his wife Andrea Peterhansel as co-driver. The German competed as a driver in the Dakar Rally herself. The Peterhansels have already started together at various marathon rallies. But the corona pandemic made it impossible to prepare for the race in 2021. Therefore the project was postponed.

The top 10 in the 2021 car rating

1. Stéphane Peterhansel (Mini Buggy) 44: 27.11 hours
2. Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota Allrad) +0: 14.51
3. Carlos Sainz (Mini Buggy) +1: 07.57
4. Jakub Przygonski (Toyota Allrad) +2: 36.03
5. Nani Roma (Prodrive Allrad) +3: 22.48
6. Sheikh Khalid Al-Qassimi (Peugeot Buggy) +3: 29.31
7. Vladimir Vasilyev (mini all-wheel drive) +3: 29.38
8. Giniel de Villiers (Toyota Allrad) +3: 48.39
9. Martin Prokop (Ford Allrad) +4: 10.21
10. Cyril Depres (Peugeot Buggy) +4: 50.09

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