Damage to houses and cars during New Year more than halved

This is evident from provisional figures from the Dutch Association of Insurers. Dutch consumers claimed damage to their home or contents with their insurers for 4.5 million euros. Another 1.5 million euros in damage was reported to cars.

The Association is therefore pleased with the fireworks ban that was instituted to relieve worry. “As insurers, we support all measures that can lead to a safer turn of the year”, says director Richard Weurding. “After all, it is in everyone’s interest that safety comes first.”

The Salvage foundation, which provides first aid to insured after a house fire, announced earlier that the number of claims had fallen by 60 percent compared to previous years. Fireworks played a role in ‘only’ one in five fires, compared to half in previous years. The number of car fires was 40 percent lower.

Fewer fireworks victims

Incidentally, the actual damage during the turn of the year is a lot higher than the previously mentioned 6 million euros. This is because medical costs and claims on business insurance are not included.

A prognosis from the Kenniscentrum shows that about 400 fireworks victims visited a GP or emergency room during New Year’s Eve, compared to almost 1,300 a year earlier.

Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the Security Council, said earlier that the turn of the year was more than successful. “The first signs of the fireworks ban seem to me that we will continue this.”


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