Damon Salvatore returns in Legacies third season?

Not much is known about the third season of Legacies. It is expected to follow the first two seasons and we can enjoy the new episodes in October this year.

But there is a good chance that Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, will make an appearance in the new season. The makers would plan to have Damon’s daughter, Stefanie, participate in the Salvatore School as a new student.

In the second Vampire Diaries spin-off we follow a new generation of witches and vampires who are taught in the supernatural at the Salvatore School, an initiative of Alaric and Caroline. The daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, Hope, and the twins Lizzie and Josie, among others, appear in the new series.

Legacies is the second spin-off of the popular series The Vampire Diaries. The vampire series was broadcast from 2009 to 2017, followed by the first spin-off in 2013 The Originals. The fifth and final season ended in 2018.


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