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A group of festival organizers want to introduce the Belgian concept Beat Park in the Netherlands this summer. This is how you celebrate a festival drive-in in your car.

The idea behind the concept is a unique festival experience where music lovers can see their favorite artists perform live and all according to the rules of social distancing from their own car. The concept is already highly regarded in Belgium and similar drive-in party formulas have also proved successful abroad. Talks are currently underway with several locations, and it is hoped that the first location will be the Aquabest leisure park in Best. Maybe some Dutch people have something to look forward to, now that the internet is our best friend in times of social distancing.

Festival Best
This is how it can look at a festival in Aquabest, although this has been years ago. Photo: ANP / Piroschka van de Wouw

A drive-in open-air festival

The idea is fully geared to social distancing. The concept is best compared to a drive-in open-air cinema, but instead of a film, visitors enjoy a live concert or festival experience. Cars are parked in front of an internship with a huge screen. The artists and DJs give the best of themselves live on stage.

Do you live alone, do you not have a car and are you not able to just step in with friends during this time? “Unfortunately, unfortunately,” said an organization spokesman. “We must adhere to physical distancing, so the car is the means to achieve that. The organization really wants to avoid physical queues. Many concerts will soon be livestreamed from home, so that is an option for people without a car. ”

Beats festival drive-in from your car radio

Via a local FM frequency or WIFI signal, the sound can be played through the car radio. Just like a real “mainstage”, in addition to a light and laser show, a dose of entertainment and typical festival show elements will be added. Food and drinks can also be ordered and delivered to your car via a specially developed app. The delivery and payment is of course done contactless.

drive-in corona test
Drive-ins to test the coronavirus already exist in the Netherlands, such as in Oss. Photo: ANP / Robin van Lonkhuijsen

Jochem van Pelt, organizer of First Vision and operator of the Aquabest leisure park: “The loss of the festivals this summer is a huge blow to the entire event sector. A summer without any music experience is simply unthinkable for us, just like for every music lover and festival goer. We are very enthusiastic about this concept and have known the Belgian initiators for years. It is nice to be able to work together on a positive project across national borders during these special times. ”

Alternative platform

Rene Smeets, organizer of Minority Events: “We hope to convince all involved authorities and the government that our plans meet all requirements. They have been compiled with the help of subject professionals in the fields of security, crowd control and traffic. Everything has also been critically examined from a medical point of view. In this way, we offer the short-term solution to offer artists, pop stages and theaters an alternative platform. ”

Waiting hopefully

In the Netherlands, events will not take place all summer (until the end of August) anyway. Whether and when the first Dutch Beat Park location can announce its dates and artists – so there is still something to do – will have to wait for further guidelines from the government. The organization hopes to start from 1 July.


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