Dancing banana saved from ‘Flashpocalypse’

The archive site has announced this. A Flash emulator will make it possible to play the videos from specially designed pages. That will continue to work even if Flash stops working at the end of this year.

The archived collection contains more than a thousand Flash movies. In addition to the dancing banana and the girl with the leek, the collection also includes classics such as Homestar Runner and All Your Base.

Flash has been replaced

Most websites no longer use Adobe Flash. The technology is seen as outdated and poorly optimized and has since been replaced by HTML5.

Flash was also used to animate online movies in the early 21st century. Much internet art will also no longer be visible due to the end of Flash. For example, the well-known animation series by the Dutch artist Han Hoogerbrugge are no longer accessible. A new book with his work will therefore be published on 31 December.

To archive

The Internet Archive tries to archive old pages and other online media for the future. For example, it is also possible on the site to play thousands of classic DOS games from the web browser.


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