Dangling downspouts, fallen trees, floating election posters –

Everything flew by today, from garden cushions to election signs, Amanda van Kuijk discovered. She is a firefighter in Rotterdam and makes on Twitter like Fire Rescue Chick people love to share her adventures, which are for her just another day at the office to be. Or in the barracks and on the wagon, in her case.

“Good morning. Today again 24 hours service at the barracks Mijnsherenlaan. Today I’m in the back. May I show the driver the way. Nice windy day today. ” Her message on Twitter this morning could count on many likes and good luck wishes. “Who knows, you may have to get started with the chainsaw!” someone responded with foresight.

Tree of a tree

For example, a tree “of about nine meters” had fallen in someone’s garden, with “its full weight” against the facade of the house, the firefighter tells about one of their actions today. “A thick branch went through the windows of the upstairs neighbors and ended up on top of the dining table. Fortunately, someone was not just having breakfast! ” The chainsaw came out and they cut a piece of the tree so that it was no longer a danger.

Just cut some branches.

Stormy day

“We’ve just had ten times in a row,” she replies when asked how stormy her working day has been so far. “I just poured a cup of tea and the alarm went off again.” And that means: go with that car, exactly what she prefers to do. “We help everywhere we can help.” Her enthusiasm is audible from the car in Rotterdam, where there are six of them. “We all do it together, we are a team guy.”

Election signs flew

The reports arrive in rapid succession, most under the heading of ‘storm damage’, after which they are all “surprising!” call. She lists the activities. Saw trees, whereby a pigeon family is also saved by accident, loosening dangling downspout, picking up flying billboards: “The estate agents on Zuidplein were suddenly in the middle of the roadside!”

Election signs and posters also fell over and were blown in all directions. “They often have one of those tie-wrap fixed and that does not want. That wind pulls everything loose. ” Which party floated the most? She laughs. “I saw one Mark fly by and especially a lot of Denk.”

Garden cushions

Yes, it was chaos today and no time for sports at the barracks or a quiet cup of tea, Amanda agrees. “The whole of Rotterdam was on the car, volunteers were also deployed.” Everything passed, literally too. Roof tiles, branches, plastic bags and pillows that flew from the balcony. She always has to chuckle about that. “Then I completely picture how someone wants to lie comfortably in the sun in a while, but suddenly can’t see a pillow in the garden chair anymore!”

New notification

She works until 8 a.m. tomorrow and soon there will be lasagna waiting for them, and probably more. “I’m curious what the day has in store for us.” And then Amanda suddenly stops talking. “Hush…” she whispers. “We have another report.” This ‘fire rescue chick’ listens attentively to the call. To then call it out again. “Storm damage … Surprising!”


By the way, what are they doing with those election posters blowing through the air? She tries to put most of them “between two posts or something” so that they don’t get blown away and some also end up in the rubbish, she agrees, “we don’t want them flying into the windows of cars. And she and her colleagues have given one a very special place. Behind the bed of another colleague, „so that he finally has a hero behind his bed. But I’m not going to tell you who that is! ”


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Dangling downspouts, fallen trees, floating election posters


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