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Danny on the Street tonight dedicated to corona parties

Journalist and presenter Danny Ghosen (42) can currently be seen weekly with his series Danny on the Street. He visits groups or places that are normally “difficult” to access. Subway Ghosen spoke about tonight’s broadcast, in which corona parties are central.

Illegal corona parties have become common lately. Reason for Danny Ghosen to look for the motives of these partying youngsters. “I was curious who the people are and why they do this,” Ghosen says on the phone. “And whether they take other people into account.”

Danny Ghosen: “Where is that party?”

It is often not clear in advance how and where such a party is. Via-via Ghosen came into contact with a young person who went to such a party. “I heard from him that private groups are created via Instagram that share party locations with each other.” Ghosen wanted to go to such a party, but once there, the police had also heard of the illegal party. “Then the whole party was canceled.”

“Just be normal for a moment”

Ghosen understands that people miss their old life. “But the fact that you are so reckless and think ‘we just keep on partying’, I don’t quite understand that. Chances are that you will also infect other people with the virus. It is not the case that young people who attend such parties will not be able to party for the next ten years. It is a time when we all cannot do nice things. Just act normal and hold on for a while. ”

Virus makes our life miserable

To prevent multiple contamination cases, the police hope that people who see illegal parties call the tip line or Report Crime Anonymous. But whether these illegal parties can be stopped, according to Ghosen, is the question. “I fear this will continue for a while,” he says. “At the moment we are living with a virus that makes our lives miserable. But if we want to contain the virus, we will really do certain things not must do.”

Danny op Straat (NTR) can be seen on NPO 2 tonight at 9.05 pm.

Watch tonight’s promo here:

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Danny Ghosen about corona parties: “I fear this will continue for a while”


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