Danny Vera about daughter: ‘Don’t wait for people’s opinions’

For Danny Vera, 2020 was an unprecedented record year: his mega hit ‘Roller Coaster’ broke record after record and his daughter was born on Christmas Day. Art receives the hit machine in his home in Middelburg, where he has lived all his life. In the exact same house. “Very strange perhaps, a bit crazy. But my mother died here and my father there where the cradle is,” he tells Art.

So Danny has never lived anywhere else. After his mother died, the singer stayed with his father and when beloved Escha moved in with him, she and Danny lived upstairs and Dad downstairs. After his death, the new parents completely renovated the house. The musician therefore reflects daily on the loss of his parents, especially because ‘Vera’ is a reference to his mother. “Just before she died, I thought it was nice to put that after my name,” he says.

Danny now also knows what it’s like to be a parent. His daughter Lavie was born at the end of 2020. He has since turned into a softie, according to his wife. Although the girl can be seen in the program for a while, father and mother try to share the face of their little one as little as possible. “We don’t actually do anything on social media, because everyone has an opinion. And I don’t really want people’s opinions,” said Danny. “I don’t care about opinions about me. But when it comes to my wife or my child …”

Danny also talks about the special collaboration with André van Duin for the song ‘For Always’, which he wrote in only fifteen minutes. “The moment I was writing it, in Dutch and I never write in Dutch, I heard André van Duin’s voice in my head all the time.”

He therefore decided to take the plunge and send André a message, who was immediately enthusiastic. “This is something that I am really very proud of,” said Danny.


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