Daphne Deckers honors deceased father on his birthday

It is an emotional day for Daphne and her family. Her father Johan is supposed to hit 80 years old today, but unfortunately was not allowed to experience that. The presenter wants to celebrate anyway and shares a photo on social media. “These are my dad and I on my wedding day,” she writes. “It’s funny that I keep counting.”

Daphne thinks his birthday just ‘suits him more than his birthday’. “A day of death is a blank wall, a dead end street,” she explains. “But birthdays, those are good memories, beautiful roads through an endless landscape.” On January 18, 2018, Daphne announced that Johan had died at the age of 77. “We’re going to miss you so much!” She wrote on Instagram at the time.

Daphne is prospering on a completely different front. One of her successful books is being made into a film. In the video below you can see her set visit.


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