Dark Horse is releasing Kingdom Hearts Ultimania in the west this summer

For anyone who needs help understanding the rich history of Kingdom Hearts … well, help is coming soon. Dark Horse will localize the extensive Ultimania book for the series in English. This is quite unusual, because the Ultimania books, some of which are monstrous in size, unfortunately often remain in Japan.

You can already secure the book on Amazon:

The Kingdom Hearts Ultimania with the subtitle “The Story before Kingdom Hearts III” consequently deals with the story of the series up to the exclusive Kingdom Hearts III. The Ultimania books usually cover everything about the games and combine artbook, strategy guide and behind-the-scenes information in one book.

The Kingdom Hearts Ultimania offers detailed summaries of the stories, rare concept designs and storyboards, but also information about characters, equipment and much more. According to the product description, each stone is turned over. We will inform you about pre-order options in Germany when the time comes!

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Images: Dark Horse, Square Enix, Disney

This article was originally published November 2020.


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