Dashcam test: The almost invisible Lamax S9 can do that

The (almost) invisible dash cam

AUTO BILD has tested the Lamax S9. It is a dash cam, reversing camera and smart rear-view mirror in one. In the test, it can completely convince. The voice control is particularly noticeable.

DThere is no need to argue about this: Almost 200 euros are an announcement for a dash cam. But the Lamax S9 is not just a dash cam, it is also a rear-view camera and a smart rear-view mirror. In our test, the car camera convinced across the board and secured the grade “very good” with 43 out of 50 points. Read more about the test scenario in our dashcam test

Test results Lamax S9

Service: One thing in advance: If you are used to an “ordinary” dashcam, you have to adjust a bit here. Because there is no extra button for manually saving a video file. For this purpose, a control panel is provided on the touch display that allows the current recording to be blocked. It is much easier, however, by voice, because the Lamax S9 listens to twelve fixed voice commands. Including the command “Lamax, Protect” for locking a file. It works so reliably that you don’t have to touch the touchscreen at all – and that’s better anyway, otherwise you will have ugly fingerprints on the rearview mirror. For the other settings, the menu is very simple, and there is a smartphone app for further support. Installation is a bit fiddly, because the Lamax S9 not only consists of the rear-view mirror part, but also a GPS module and a rear-view camera. This quickly ends up in cable clutter if the cables are not laid properly. If you really make an effort, you can also wire the rear-view camera to the rear light, then the camera will automatically start when you engage reverse gear. Small drawback: The display is not easy to see when exposed to sunlight – but that is in the nature of things. Scoring “Service”: 15/20 points
Picture quality: The front camera convinces in terms of image quality across the board. The pictures are well exposed, the colors are saturated. Noise can only be perceived very easily in the night shots. The angle of view of 150 degrees is sufficient to completely film a three-lane highway. The resolution of the front camera is Full HD (1080p) at a maximum of 30 frames per second. Due to the fast movements in traffic, 60 fps would be optimal, but overall the Lamax S9 convinces with its recordings. The situation is different with the rear camera: the pictures are less high resolution at 720p. Overall, the pictures are a bit noisy and details such as license plates are difficult or even impossible to see. “Quality” rating: 18/20 points
Particularities: In addition to the reversing camera, the Lamax S9 has additional functions. This includes, for example, a lane departure warning system that shows when you are getting off the road. In addition, the Dashcam has a speed camera database on board and uses the GPS module to warn of permanently installed speed cameras – but be careful: the use of speed camera warnings is illegal in Germany. The function must therefore remain deactivated in Germany. There is also a parking mode that starts recording when the G-Sensor detects vibrations when the car is parked. Practical: Even when the display is switched off, information (e.g. time, radar detector) can be displayed via the rear view mirror. “Security” rating: 10/10 points

Dashcams on Amazon

Lamax S9

Price *: 199 euros
Test grade: very good

Truecam M5 WiFi

Price *: 135 euros
Test grade: good

Garmin Dashcam Mini

Price *: 111 euros
Test grade: good

Nextbase 422 GW

Price *: 189 euros
Test grade: very good

Transcend Drivepro 230Q

Price *: 100 euros
Test grade: good

* Prices: as of May 27, 2020

Overview of technical data

Price: 199.99 euros
Max. Resolution: Full HD (1080p) at 30 fps in the front, HD (720p) at 30 fps in the back
Recording angle: 150 ° front, 130 ° rear
sD: up to 64 GB, from Class 10
Display: 9.66-inch IPS touchscreen
GPS: Yes
Length of recording: 1/3/5 min loops

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