Dates and times always under control with these tools

Our download selection presents tools for scheduling and vacation planning. There is also a free tool for displaying the remaining time and a synchronization tool for the PC clock.

Borg Calendar

The free Borg Calendar has an address book and a to-do list. For each appointment you can specify when Borg Calendar should remind you – this notification is then sent via a pop-up window or email.

The Java Runtime is required for Borg Calendar, the download is 5.37 MB.

Download Borg Calendar

Team planner PRO

Teamplanner PRO is suitable for personnel deployment planning. With Teamplanner PRO, users can plan the duty roster, vacation, days off, days in the field and enter sick days.

Teamplanner PRO supports planning for a maximum of 50 employees with a maximum of 20 reasons for absence. Team Planner PRO also shows public holidays, birthdays, vacations and your own appointments. Teamplaner PRO is shareware for Windows XP and Vista. The download of the German-language software is 0.85 MB, the license costs 24.95 euros.

Download team planner PRO

Desktop Organizer (PTBSync)

The Freeware Desktop Organizer (PTBSync) compares the time on your computer with an atomic clock on the Internet. You can set the query interval for the Desktop Organizer (PTBSync) so that the time synchronization runs automatically. Desktop Organizer also has a tray clock, an appointment calendar and a task planner. In addition, Desktop Organizer offers desktop notes.

Download Desktop Organizer (PTBSync)


TimeLeft counts the time that is still open until a specified date. TimeLeft shows two details on your PC: The current system time and the time remaining until the turn of the year. If you click on it with the right mouse button, a menu opens in which you can enter a different date and event. From then on, you will know exactly how many months, days, hours and seconds it will be until this appointment.

In addition, TimeLeft also functions as a stop watch and an appointment reminder.

Download TimeLeft

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