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Dave Grohl loses battle to 10-year-old drummer and writes song for her

Dave Grohl is also at home due to the pandemic. The Nirvana drummer and frontman of Foo Fighters does not have to get bored, however. He has been in a fight for several weeks.

Not in an annoying way, on the contrary. He fights against Nandi Bushell, a 10-year-old drummer. For its more than 170,000 subscribers YouTube she covers popular songs on her drum kit.

Dave Grohl vs. Nandi Bushell

She does that successfully and the talent is shining. Not only its subscribers realize that: Roland and Fender, two major music brands, have already signed a deal with the girl.

A few weeks ago she went one step further. After her cover of the still Foo Fighters song Everlong she decided to challenge all-rounder Dave Grohl to a drum battle. Yes, the drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and frontman of the Foo Fighters, but also drummer for Them Crooked Vultures and Nirvana.

Eventually the video reached Grohl himself, after which the 51-year-old American decided to accept the challenge. He himself got behind his daughter’s drum kit and played the song flawlessly Dead End Friends from Them Crooked Vultures. Not easy, but 10-year-old Nandi managed to play the song beat by beat.

Reward: your own number

As you can see in the video below, Dave Grohl then had to admit that she won the battle. His reward? A song made up on the spot for the girl, called Nandi’s The Queen. With guitar, drums and vocals by Grohl himself, including a guest role for his own children with backing vocals.

Now Nandi has to acknowledge her superior, because surprisingly, the quickly cobbled song is quite catchy.

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Dave Grohl loses 10-year-old drum battle and writes song for her


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