David Beckham is working on a football series for Disney +

Disney + is fully committed to original content. And after the success of WandaVision and The Mandalorian the streaming service is now going in a completely different direction. Disney + has made a deal with none other than David Beckham. The ex-football player will be the host of a (how could it be otherwise?) Football series. Beckham becomes the mentor of a group of young soccer players.

Good news for the fans of David Beckham who, in addition to football, also like to watch a series on television. The ex-footballer has made a deal with Disney +. That deal means, among other things, that Beckham will be the host of a brand new football series on the streaming platform.


Not much is known about that series at the moment. According to the British tabloid The Sun, David Beckham will be the mentor of a team of young footballers in London. Their lives are completely changed by the sport.

“Growing up in London isn’t easy,” said a source. “These difficult times are not making things any better. The series highlights how important football can be in giving young people purpose and a sense of community. ”

“Help and inspire”

According to that source, Disney + David Beckham found the ideal person for the job. The now 45-year-old Briton had very little when he grew up. But he has become one of the best football players and one of the most popular people in the world.

The series will show how Beckham “helps and inspires young people on their own individual trajectories”. It is not yet known what the series will be called and when it will be shown on Disney + exactly. The recordings have previously been postponed due to the corona crisis, but can really start next summer.


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