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‘Day of national mourning for Daniel’

During one of the darkest days of this century in the Netherlands, Heel Holland Bakt and participant Daniel were also just trending on Twitter. The hashtag won during the broadcast of #rioters, #Enschede, #excursions, #rioters and some more terms that summarize the horrific violence against the police.

“Time for a day of national mourning,” said one shocked viewer on Twitter. It was not about the corona hooligans that ravaged the country, but about the elimination of the Austrian-Dutch baker Daniel.

All of Holland Bakt wins from riots

In Enschede a hospital was pelted, things went wild in the Schilderswijk, Almelo and Tilburg were on fire, politicians got in each other’s hair. But between 8:30 and 9:30 in the evening, 3.4 million Dutch people sat obediently looking at Eric’s pancake pie, towers of macarons and failed canoes. The contrast couldn’t be greater.

The theme this week was not cake, but biscuit. Cookies and pancakes, that doesn’t sound very complicated. Yet many of the Heel Holland Bakt participants went wrong this week. Not only macarons, the most sensitive biscuits out there, but also the traditional canoes turned out to be quite difficult to bake.

Twitter cries for Daniel

The episode therefore provided a number of surprises. Elizabeth, the first master baker of the season and tranquility itself, went wrong on several assignments. Thijs became master baker for the second time this season, while his baking was not perfect this week. And Daniel, also named master baker of the week, had to go home.

The Austrian Dutchman did not know what canoes were, had never baked macarons before and during the episode viewers saw their favorite despair. The chaos in his head literally translated to the workbench. Janny van der Heijden tried to help Daniel to put things in order, but to no avail. According to many viewers, Heel Holland Bakt lost its best baker, Twitter cried along.

Forgot to watch Heel Holland Bakt completely because of the riots? Watch the latest episode with audience favorite Daniel here.

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All of Holland Cries: ‘Day of national mourning for Daniel’


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