DDR3 RAM is set to become more expensive in the future

DDR3 RAM is said to be more expensive, which could also affect the price of routers and cheap SSDs.

DDR4 RAM should work in most computers in recent years. If you are thinking about buying a new PC, you will also be confronted with its successor DDR5. The industry is increasingly converting production to the faster RAM. As a result, memory modules for the outdated DDR3 standard are becoming more and more expensive. The two largest manufacturers, Samsung and SK Hynix, have announced that the production of DDR3 memory will have to be shut down as a result of the switch to DDR5.

Switch to DDR5

As a result, DDR3 modules could become more expensive in the future, because experts expect the market to be undersupplied, even if DDR3 memory has already become less important. The two most important manufacturers want to distribute the capacities to DDR5 RAM. The third largest manufacturer, Micron, plans to continue producing DDR3 RAM until 2026. Nevertheless, the market researchers at Trendforce are assuming a price increase in the second quarter of 2022. This should be up to five percent compared to the previous year. In recent years, the price of DDR3 memory has continued to fall.

Required for routers and SSDs

This is also due to the fact that DDR3 memory is still installed in devices such as routers or some SSDs today. These product categories could also become slightly more expensive as a result of the DDR3 shortage. However, the manufacturers do not want to change anything about the production volume of DDR4 RAM. The conversion of production should not have an impact here. In addition, it remains to be hoped that the prices of DDR5 RAM will drop in the future due to the increased production volume.

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