DDR5: Prices for RAM bars continue to fall

If you want to buy a new type of DDR5 RAM, you now have to pay significantly less for it.

The switch to the new RAM standard DDR5 was initially associated with high prices. The modules introduced with Intel’s Alder Lake processors were significantly more expensive than the established DDR4 bars. In the meantime, however, the situation has eased considerably. In the past few weeks and months, the prices for DDR5 modules have dropped. For example, if you opt for 2×16 GB Kingston ValueRAM DDR5-4800, you only pay 149.89 euros according to the PC-WELT price comparison. At the beginning of May, the same kit cost just under 200 euros.

DDR4 RAM is becoming obsolete

This finally makes upgrading with faster DDR5 memory more affordable. There is still some time, because Intel and AMD only want to use the new standard in all their desktop and server processors by the end of the year. DDR4 RAM will be phased out by this point at the latest. Until then, a lot of money can still be saved with a board that works with DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Because while a GB of DDR5 still costs the equivalent of 4.68 euros, DDR4 RAM is already available for 2.72 euros per GB.

Advantages of DDR5 manageable

However, further price reductions can be expected when the major manufacturers focus primarily on the production of DDR5 RAM at the end of the year. However, buyers of the new modules should not hope for any major performance advantages. Especially in games, the new working memory is of very little use. There is therefore nothing to be said against continuing to operate your system with DDR4 RAM. When buying a new one, however, it should be considered that DDR4 RAM will soon be obsolete.

Here you will find cheap DDR5 bars in the PC-WELT price comparison

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