DDR5: RAM modules from v-color with 6,400 MHz

The manufacturer v-color offers DDR5 RAMs with up to 6,400 MHz, but they are correspondingly expensive.

If you want to equip your computer with RAM, you currently have a choice: If the board already supports DDR5 RAM, you can buy correspondingly faster and more expensive modules. However, DDR4 RAM can still be used in certain boards. The manufacturer v-color has now introduced new DDR5 modules that can run at a clock rate of up to 6,400 MHz.

Heat sink and RGB lighting

The DDR5 bars from the Manta XPrism RGB DDR5 Gaming series work at 6,400 MHz with a voltage of 1.4 volts and timings of CL32-39-39-102. The packages offered as a kit consist of two bars with a total of 32 GB of storage space. All kits are also compatible with XMP 3.0 and Intel’s Z690 chipset. In order to be able to reliably dissipate the heat generated by the high clock, v-color has applied appropriate heatsinks to the bars. If you want, you can let the RAM shine in any color thanks to RGB LEDs.

High speed, high prices

A total of four RAM bars can be installed in most computers. In order not to destroy the optics even if only two RAM modules are plugged in, v-color also offers sets consisting of two functional bars and two dummy modules that do not look any different from the other modules. This makes it easy to populate all four banks. However, the fast RAM also has a correspondingly high price: the v-color Manta XPRISM RGB DDR5 RAM with 32 GB and 6,400 MHz costs almost 600 US dollars. Anyone who can manage with modules with 6,000 MHz only pays 470 US dollars.

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