De Ligt mourns: this changes the Juventus season

Defender Matthijs de Ligt of Juventus realized shortly afterwards the major consequences of the sensational elimination by FC Porto in the Champions League (3-2). “This changes our season”, mourned the former Ajax player, who came on in 75th minute. “We would like to play in the Champions League, but now we are already out in March. This is very difficult for us.”

De Ligt did not understand why Juventus, which had to make up a 2-1 deficit in the return, had not made it to the quarterfinals. After the second yellow card for Mehdi Taremi, Porto had to continue with ten men from the 54th minute, but the Portuguese club still managed to reach the extension with 2-1. After the painful equalizer by Sérgio Oliveira in the 115th minute (2-2), Juventus did not give in yet, but there was no more than a goal from Adrien Rabiot in the Italian desperate offensive.

De Ligt claimed as an extra striker a penalty kick at a score of 3-2, but referee Björn Kuipers refused to point to the spot. “The fact that we played against ten men for a large part of the game makes it even more difficult to be eliminated in this way”, sulked De Ligt, who with national champion Juventus in Serie A as number 3 is currently behind 10 points on leader Internazionale.


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