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De Mol calls her role ‘one of the most difficult she has ever played’

As many as 3.35 million people saw how WIDMfinalist Roxanne ‘Rocky’ Hehakaija actress Renée Fokker unmasked as Mol of 2021. The former football player won the lowest pot ever with an amount of 9675 euros. Renée Fokker, who played de Mol, said afterwards that this is one of the most difficult roles she has ever played.

“You are mainly yourself and I also tried to keep it very close to myself. I thought: I’m not really going to play a role. It was a kind of real life, but it wasn’t, ”said Fokker. The 59-year-old actress found doubles especially difficult. On the one hand, she had to think like a candidate and make friends with the fellow candidates, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to let the other participants get too close.

Mole without clear tactics

“There have been several moments where I thought: what did I get started on? But then I got up again in the morning and thought, ‘Hoppa! Get out of bed, let’s go again. I’m going to do it’.”

In her own words, Renée did not really have a fixed tactic. “All I thought was ‘action, reaction’. I looked around what was happening and I reacted to it. ” Despite the lack of clear tactics, Renée was very successful. Never before in the history of the program has the final pot stand been so low.

It was extra sour for losing finalist Charlotte Nijs. During the last test she had answered as many questions about De Mol correctly as Rocky. However, the SBS6 reporter was 21 seconds slower and that cost her the final. “When I just heard that, I shot out of my chair. I thought: you are not serious! ”, Says Charlotte. “I really thought I had made more mistakes and Rocky less and that there was a really big difference.”

Losing on speed

Speed ​​was the last thing Charlotte expected to lose. She said she had even completed the test “like a maniac”. That 21 seconds made the difference between a winning finalist and a losing finalist is of course extra painful. “If only I had done my best a little better. Yes, then it is suddenly bad that you are a losing finalist. ”

Anyway, winning finalist Rocky takes off with the pot of 9675 euros, and with that money that they are doing something very beautiful. The former football player will donate the money to her Favela Street foundation. This foundation wants to create more role models in deprived neighborhoods by means of street football.

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Despite the lowest pot ever, De Mol calls her role ‘one of the most difficult she has played’


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