Deadline for healthcare premiums | Closing of the climate summit | IC nurses are through it

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It is difficult to close rosters due to the shortage of personnel and if a new colleague is found, he or she will quickly leave or another colleague will leave. Nurse Helen van Rijn (56) has been working in intensive care for twenty years and is used to it. “But it’s never been as bad as now. The rack is completely out. I’m finished.”

Your health insurer must inform you by today at the latest how much you will pay for your basic insurance next year. Who is the cheapest and who is the most expensive? We will keep you informed today through our website and TV broadcasts. With health insurer DSW, which is traditionally the first, you have to pay almost 40 euros more per year for your basic insurance. was announced a few weeks ago.

There will be a short partial lockdown of probably three weeks to quickly reduce corona infections. The catering industry must close its doors at 7 p.m., just like shops. But what about that corona pass in non-essential stores? Tonight at 19.00 you will hear what Mark and Hugo have in store for you, which can be followed live on RTL Z.

For nearly two weeks, top negotiators from around the world spoke about the climate in Glasgow. Bonds were closed, partly after a huge turn of our own country. But what will be in the all-important closing statement, which is expected today?

Do you have any money left? Then you can bid on some works by our own Vincent van Gogh. Meules de Blé, which was once confiscated by the Nazis, must yield 25 million euros, Christie’s auction house estimates. Not broke yet? Works by Picasso are also under the hammer.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: The catering industry, theaters and cinemas are not pleased with the news that the OMT is advising ‘lockdown-like measures’ to the cabinet in the fight against the corona virus. “We were really happy to receive people again.”

We think you should also read this: Supermarket chains Jumbo and Coop can whistle for the repayment of at least 83 million euros by the Brabant wholesaler Sligro. The supermarkets found that they paid too much for the takeover of Emté, but the judge dismisses their claim.

And this you may have missed last night: What’s the point of us cutting our emissions when they keep emitting greenhouse gases like crazy in China? Don’t despair too soon. China is indeed world champion in emissions, but also world champion in sustainability.

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ps The patriotic penchant for becoming the first European Hydrogen Valley should not blind us. Don’t bet everything on hydrogen, says columnist Wimar Bolhuis. “And avoid the feeling that the Netherlands is being messed up a bit here.”

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