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Deadline stress? China and US have yet to approve TikTok deal

September 20 is the time, otherwise many American teenagers will be without the opportunity to share their dances. The American branch of TikTok must then be sold. Parent company ByteDance is only waiting for approval from both China and the United States.

A deal proposal has already been made. To address US security concerns about personal data, the Chinese video app owner suggests partnering with Oracle. US President Donald Trump already indicated last night (Dutch time) that he was not satisfied with the proposal, because ByteDance would keep control of TikTok.

TikTok would sell data

The US government ordered ByteDance to sell the US branch of TikTok to a US party, because otherwise there are fears that data from users will reach the Chinese government through the parent company. If this is not done before September 20, the app popular among young people will be banned in the US.

In ByteDance’s plans, Oracle becomes a trusted technology partner. The American software group is reportedly not taking over TikTok. ByteDance would place all of TikTok’s activities, not just the American ones, in a company based in the US. User data would also be stored in the US.

Access to source code

Bloomberg news agency also reports on the basis of insiders that Oracle will have access to the source code of TikTok. For example, Oracle can check whether there are no loopholes in place to pass on data from tens of millions of Americans to China.

China strongly opposes the sale of TikTok’s algorithms by ByteDance, as they comprise a large portion of the company’s value. The Asian country has therefore reportedly adjusted its export regulations so that the sale of artificial intelligence technology also requires green light from Beijing. As a result, formal Chinese approval for a TikTok deal is also required.

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Deadline stress? China and US have yet to approve TikTok deal


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