Decision made: digital vaccination certificate comes from US company IBM

This is what a digital vaccination certificate could look like.

This is what a digital vaccination certificate could look like.

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The company IBM received the order for a digital vaccination certificate. learned this from government circles. The US company is thus asserting itself against, among other things, Deutsche Telekom, which developed the Corona warning app together with SAP last year. IBM and Telekom were recently considered favorites in the tendering process.

The Ministry of Health recently wrote to several companies asking for offers. According to the ministry’s confidential tender documents (available from, vaccinated people should receive the digital vaccination certificate in vaccination centers, medical practices and other service providers via vaccination certificates.

This is how the Federal Ministry of Health imagines the use of the vaccination pass

This is how the Federal Ministry of Health imagines the use of the vaccination pass / BMG

The vaccination certificate is first given to each vaccinated person in paper form (2D code) or directly in a vaccination certificate app on their smartphone. In the latter case, a 2D code, such as a QR code, should be able to be scanned immediately.

In the app, the vaccinated person can create a 2D code, such as a QR code, which – according to the announcement, “enables third parties to check the COVID-19 vaccination status in accordance with data protection regulations. Optionally, the test certificate can also be saved in an electronic wallet on the smartphone. When checking by third parties, an identification document can also be used to authenticate the citizen. ”

IBM: Contract for digital vaccination certificate lucrative

In plain language: Using a vaccination certificate app, which is now to be developed by IBM, restaurants, shops, fitness studios, restaurants, hotels and all other facilities that want to regulate access to themselves or have to regulate according to Corona regulations can decide whether they only grant access to vaccinated persons. In any case, according to the federal government’s plan, this should only be made possible if there are fundamental openings. As in other countries, the state should still not have its own special rules for vaccinated people.

For IBM, the order seems quite lucrative. According to the tender documents, there should be 50 cents per certificate. With a vaccination quota of 80 percent this year assumed by the Ministry of Health, i.e. around 65 million people, the order is worth more than 32.5 million euros. The further schedule for the vaccination certificate can also be found in the documents. According to this, the digital vaccination certificate should be ready and go into a test phase just eight weeks after acceptance. As early as June, the first vaccinated people could receive the vaccination certificate in medical practices and vaccination centers.


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