Decline in demand: VW plant threatens partial closure by the end of February

Steven Schreiber at the manual workstations for battery system production in the Braunschweig plant. Photo: VW press server

The delivery and production problems at world market leader VW are more serious than previously known. For its components plant in Braunschweig, the group has now decreed that business operations in key production areas can be suspended by the end of February. This is proven by confidential VW documents that has.

Under the heading “Parts shortage: cessation of production / loss of work in the business areas (direct / indirect areas)”, an internal announcement from the Lower Saxony VW location states: “The current spread of the coronavirus means that Volkswagen AG has to adjust the production program . Due to short-term declines in demand, supply bottlenecks and the associated uncontrollable disruptions in supply relationships from countries and regions directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus, there are stoppages in production as well as in areas adjacent to production. “

This is followed by the dry and momentous sentence: “For this reason, work will generally be suspended in the areas from January 14th to February 28th, 2021 inclusive”:

+ Plant management

+ KC chassis (the abbreviation “KC” stands for group component cost center “; d. Red.)

+ KC axle assembly and steering

+ KC e-mobility

+ KC technology

+ Logistics

+ Quality assurance

+ Location optimization / production system

+ Product and project management

+ Finance

+ Human resources including Work2Work and projects

+ IT

+ Works council

An announcement for other areas will be made “after consultation”. The VW component plant in Braunschweig, with around 7,000 employees, is an essential pillar in the company’s production network. Deliveries from Braunschweig flow to the German VW parent plant in Wolfsburg and to numerous assembly locations abroad.

When asked by, a VW spokesman said: “The limited supply situation for semiconductors due to the rapidly recovering automotive markets is causing significant disruptions in global vehicle production across all manufacturers. The Volkswagen Group therefore announced on December 18, 2020 that the effects on the production sites would be checked and that the driving styles would have to be adapted to the respective supply situation if necessary. The components plant in Braunschweig was able to start as planned after the Christmas break. Due to the current semiconductor bottlenecks, the Volkswagen Group is now adjusting its driving style again at several locations. This also has implications for Volkswagen Group Components Braunschweig. The site has applied for short-time working as a precaution. Which areas are specifically affected on which days is decided depending on the situation. The plant manufactures various products for different brands of the group, also internationally. “

Meanwhile, at the request of, a spokesman for VW works council boss Bernd Osterloh countered with drastic words allegations that the VW Group had already agreed to a “complete hard lockdown” in February with a view to the corona pandemic. A corresponding audio file, the author of which is unknown, has been circulating on social media for a few days.

“This is fake news. None of this is true, ”the spokesman told “We definitely reject the crap from this voice message.” The spokesman for the top employee representative of the world market leader explicitly stated: “It is a completely fictitious rumor, or – to put it even more clearly: a two-minute shitty house slogan. “


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