Deepfake: Tom Cruise in Unreal Engine 5

With a deepfake of actor Tom Cruise created with Unreal Engine 5, a Youtuber is causing open mouths.

With so-called deepfakes, people’s faces can be spoken out in sentences that they never said. For this purpose, the real faces are transferred to virtual actors, who are then supposed to appear lifelike. The quality of these fake videos is getting better and better, making it almost impossible to prove their authenticity. Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, Youtuber Ralph Virtual has now been able to create a deepfake of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise that looks frighteningly real.

Unreal Engine 5 with many innovations

He used a video from the Metahuman framework as a basis. This kit is part of the UE5 library. As a result, the actor is presented in a video in which he tilts his head, winks or even yawns. Nevertheless, Tom Cruise does not really look lifelike in the video. Some facial expressions appear fake and exaggerated. But still, the representation of the actor looks much better than what is otherwise seen in video games of virtual actors. The Unreal Engine 5 obviously has many innovations for developers to offer here, which in turn gives hope for more lifelike virtual actors in future games. Especially the lighting effects used towards the end of the video look very realistic.

Tom Cruise at the cinema

The complete video of the virtual Tom Cruise is available on Youtube. The result also serves as an advertisement for the new game development environment of the Unreal Engine 5. The fact that Tom Cruise can currently be seen in the cinema in the new “Top Gun” film gives the Youtuber’s work additional relevance.

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