DeepWell wants to treat diseases with games

The new development studio DeepWell Digital Therapeutics wants to focus on games that can treat diseases.

Devolver Digital (“Fall Guys”) founder Mike Wilson is teaming up with medical device expert Ryan Douglas to found DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, a new video game development studio. The studio wants to focus on developing games that can be used to treat diseases.

Video games can help with ADHD and depression

DeepWell relies on research that shows video games can help treat depression or ADHD. According to Douglas, he and his partner have realized how therapeutic some video games already are. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first prescription video game for children with ADHD in 2020. More digital therapeutics have been added over the past year. The industry has once again experienced an upswing as a result of the corona pandemic.

DeepWell develops its own titles and supports developers

DeepWell wants to develop its own games that target mental health. The first project is expected to be completed as early as next year. However, the developers did not want to reveal any details about the title. However, the studio also wants to help other developers to test their games for an existing therapeutic benefit and to increase the potential of their titles. DeepWell also wants to help companies get their games approved as medical devices by the FDA. According to Douglas, the games should not be a substitute for therapists or other measures. However, they could support the treatment of certain diseases.

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