Defense will soon start building its own mobile network

To this end, the Ministry of Defense signed an agreement this week with IT companies IBM, Atos and Unica.

The new telecom network is of great importance, according to State Secretary Barbara Visser. Defense is currently still dependent on other parties such as KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile for the use of mobile devices. These three control the major networks in the Netherlands.

Our own network prevents collaboration with commercial parties. Defense also has better control over what their sometimes confidential data is sent about.

Seven years of building

The construction of the new infrastructure will take about seven years, with parts of the existing connections also being renewed. For example, the current network will be adapted to better transmit files of high priority.

Defense will also start building two new data centers this year, which should be ready for use in approximately two months.

Almost failed

IT innovation at Defense has been in the pipeline for years. A year ago, the project threatened to collapse, when the project turned out to be too risky and would have already burned millions of euros.


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