Dekra is looking for car owners for workshop tests – inspection costs are reimbursed

Dekra is looking for car owners for workshop tests. Participating car owners are usually reimbursed for a large part of the inspection costs.

As part of its regular workshop tests, Dekra Automobil GmbH is looking for test customers. On behalf of vehicle manufacturers or car dealerships, Dekra checks the quality standards of workshops with the help of these vehicle owners.

Partial reimbursement of inspection costs

In principle, the customer wants the same thing from his workshop as the car manufacturer wants from his dealership: first-class service and the best quality. To ensure this, manufacturers, but increasingly also car dealerships themselves, commission testing companies such as Dekra with workshop tests. For this purpose, a customer’s vehicle is prepared: small defects should be remedied as part of the due inspection.

After the test, the Dekra experts check the car again and, if necessary, reverse the changes.

As a rule, the test customer is reimbursed a large part of the inspection costs for the time required.

Register here

Anyone interested in taking part in such a test with their vehicle can either register online as a test customer at or call the Dekra Service Center directly on 07117861-1919. There is also an explanatory video on the website with all the information on how such a workshop test works from the customer’s point of view.

The workshop tests are planned according to brands and sometimes also according to regions. As soon as a corresponding test is pending, registered customers with suitable vehicles will be contacted. They can then finally decide whether they want to participate.

For example, Dekra is currently looking for vehicles from the brands VW (cars and commercial vehicles), BMW / MINI, Volvo, Opel, Škoda, Fiat and Mazda for workshop tests. In principle, however, vehicles of all brands are suitable.

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