Delete safely – the top tools of PC-WELT readers

Benjamin Schischka

Erotic pictures, confidential emails, personal documents – with these programs you can permanently delete private items. Or the entire hard drive before selling Ebay.

When you delete files in Windows, the operating system simply moves the deleted file to the trash. There it can be restored without problems for now. But even after emptying the trash, even inexperienced PC users can easily restore the file. That makes it possible Freeware like Recuva. With it, you can easily recover accidentally deleted files – command line or programming language skills are not necessary. However, even the curious can scan your used hard drive with it. Or your USB stick. Or your SD memory card. You should definitely delete the hardware with a special tool from the download photo gallery before you throw it away or sell it on eBay.

This is how the deletion tools (also called Eraser) proceed: Instead of only freeing up the space occupied by the file to be deleted, Eraser overwrites the said file with random data. Only by overwriting a recovery is impossible or at least extremely complex.

The number of downloads alone does not necessarily say anything about the quality. Because many small, unknown programs do very well. However, some people are bothered by the language (English) or a not quite modern design – and therefore do not download it. Therefore, take a look at the less popular tools; it could be worth it.

Warning: In order to intensify the effect and make it even more difficult for data restorers, you can encrypt the files to be deleted with the above tools before deleting them. Assembling is then almost impossible. And keep in mind that Windows in the background shadow copies creates which you should also delete or deactivate immediately if your deleted data is to be securely deleted.


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