Delivered after 30 minutes: Some students whistled for their Matura

Fatal signal

Also Isabella Zins, Spokeswoman for the AHS directors and herself director of the BORG Mistelbach, sees this as a problem: “I can certainly gain something from the regulation that includes the grade of the eighth grade, because it is a great incentive to achieve something in the last school year is. But if the grade of Matura examination it wouldn’t really matter, then it’s a fatal signal. ”This is particularly because education ministers Heinz Fassmann has announced that it intends to continue to do so in the coming years – however, this year’s experience should be awaited.

Also Isabella Zins believes that Maturity exam would be devalued if it only had meaning for pupils of four. “You would definitely have to find regulations there. One possibility would be that everyone who wrote it Matura is negative in a subject that has to start for the compensation test. “

Good idea

The union judges the fact of the “30-minute Matura” differentiated: “Basically, I think it’s good that Ministry of Education helped the pupils in this situation by issuing grades. That there are pupils who take advantage of that, you had to count on it, ”says Herbert Weiss, Spokesman for the AHS teachers’ union. School representatives had told him in advance that this could happen occasionally.

in the Ministry of Education If one is not particularly happy about the fact that some pupils are whistling on a good grade: “We are committed to providing services at Matura basically important, ”says the minister’s office. “It’s a shame that some school leavers don’t take the chance to get a good or better grade.”


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