Deliverers still receive a full digital tip

As a corona measure, introduced in May 2020 the option for customers to pay their tip to the delivery staff digitally as part of the meal payment.

Tax on tips

At the beginning of this month, RTL Z reported that the company does not pay these tips in full to the deliverers, but deducts tax and premiums from them.

At the time, the delivery service acknowledged that it was not obliged to do so. Employees themselves are legally obliged to declare their income from tips in the annual tax assessment. But that doesn’t always happen in practice.

Employees who do not declare their tips to the tax authorities, put the entire amount in their pocket. Calculated with the base rate for income tax, that can save more than 37 percent.

Unburden deliverers, which is part of the international delivery giant Just Eat Takeaway, stated at the beginning of this month that it would pay tax and premiums on the digital tips to ‘unburden’ its deliverers.

Now it appears that the delivery service is adjusting its policy. “We recently reviewed this process. We will pay out the full amount again in October,” spokesperson Linda van Aalten wrote in an email. “The delivery person is then responsible for paying the tax.”

The October tips will be paid out in November, notes. Van Aalten could not yet say why the company has chosen to change the tipping policy.

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