Delivery Hero CFO: “Not our goal to be a Dax company at some point”

Frenchman Emmanuel Thomassin switched from Incubator Team Europe to Venture Delivery Hero in 2014.

Delivery Hero

When Emmanuel Thomassin became CFO of Delivery Hero, the delivery service employed around 130 people, had an annual turnover of 42 million euros and had taken over the first startups. That was at the beginning of 2014. In the following years, Thomassin launched the Berlin restaurant portal on the stock exchange and paid billions for competitors. Today Delivery Hero has a market valuation of around 19 billion euros and is traded as a Dax candidate. This is the highest segment on the stock exchange, only the 30 most valuable companies in Germany are listed here.

Should Wirecard be kicked out of the top 30 index after the scam scandal, Delivery Hero could take the place of the fintech. Experts attribute high chances to the food delivery service. The next regular review will take place in early September. However, the Wirecard case has raised discussions so that the stock exchange can change its rules and the company could fly out of the Dax in mid-August.

Emmanuel, how high do you estimate the chance that Delivery Hero will become the next Dax climber?

Emmanuel Thomassin: “It will probably happen by 2021. It is not in our hands when exactly it takes place. If it happens, it happens. If not next year, then it’s good. It is not our goal to be a Dax company at some point, but we would be happy to receive recognition from the market and investors 11:44 am As a Dax company, Delivery Hero would be more in the focus of investors and the media. ”

Are you scared?

Emmanuel Thomassin: “Of course you are in the spotlight. You then have your rights and obligations, the obligation side is likely to get even bigger. But we are very present with the investors anyway because I go to the roadshow several times a year. Since 2016 we have been working on meeting the criteria for an Mdax and Dax company. That means that the demands on ourselves are theoretically the same, only the attention is much higher. “

Would you have to line up differently or change teams?

Emmanuel Thomassin: “From a legal perspective, there is no reason to do so. It would help us recruit people because we would be even better known. For me, this increases the level of care in the financial area, so we would have to work even more precisely. It also creates more pressure.// This article is a section of a more extensive interview on our partner site Gründerszene. You can read the entire article here at Gründerszene Plus. //


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