Delivery start? Tesla Model S transported away from the Fremont factory with a new steering rectangle

Is that still simple fan curiosity or is it already industrial espionage? That question raised a video posted on Saturday in which an observer flew his drone far into the grounds of Tesla’s electric car factory in Fremont. The YouTuber himself referred in the comments to Tesla boss Elon Musk, who has said to the Gigafactory construction sites near Berlin and Texas that careful drone flights over them are okay for him; other commentators still described the action as illegal. Regardless of the legal evaluation, the video contains interesting information.

First new Model S on a van

For example, a car transporter can be seen in front of the Tesla factory for the first time, which, in addition to several white Model 3s, apparently also has a Model S in the refreshed version presented at the end of January. This electric car is red and can be recognized as a refresh model, for example, from the recently black door handles and window strips. While the drone is still hovering next to it and filming, the transporter starts moving.

According to CEO Musk, the first deliveries of the refreshed Model S should be in February, but have not yet been confirmed. Observers have already discovered some copies of it on the streets or at Tesla agencies in different parts of the USA, which were probably still used for tests. The fact that a new Model S has now been seen on a van in Fremont for the first time could mean that the first delivery is actually imminent.


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Of course, it would also be conceivable that Tesla would only have one additional test vehicle transported. However, further recordings of Gabeincal’s drone visit show that the red Model S is no longer the only one that is available for further use on the Fremont site: At another location, close to stacks of cast parts, the two half-in The YouTuber filmed around 30 more Tesla Model Ss are produced in free standing Giga-Presses. Almost all of them have papers on the dashboard inside.

Tesla seems to be sticking to Lenk yoke

Gabeincal also flew close to these electric cars, but the Model S on the second floor of the van provided the best view of the interior. And the YouTuber himself and several commentators were certain: It also shows the steering rectangle called Yoke by Tesla, which also caused a sensation at the refresh presentation of the Model X.

Because some of the test Teslas seen so far still had a conventional steering wheel and the approval in the USA is not yet certain, there were doubts whether the Yoke will actually be used in customer cars. The new drone findings, however, suggest that Tesla will not be deterred by the futuristic steering wheel plan.


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