Delivery times: how long you have to wait for your new e-car

One could speak of a delivery crisis: The selection of new electric cars in Germany is growing and growing, customers can continue to count on an e-purchase bonus of up to 9,000 euros. But the industry just can’t keep up when it comes to deliveries!

Only four models are currently available in less than four months. And ten purely electric cars cannot even be ordered at the moment!

That’s why there are delays

The reasons: an unexpectedly high demand, a sluggish conversion of production lines and the ongoing shortage of chips in the automotive industry.

The war in Ukraine is also causing further delays, because cable harnesses are being produced there on a large scale, which are now missing or only delivered late.

The delivery times of important e-cars

Selected products in tabular overview

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (delivery time: 4-5 months)

RRP from EUR 46,560, savings: up to EUR 9,570

Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron (delivery time: 18 months)

RRP from EUR 41,900, savings: up to EUR 12,420

Mercedes EQA 250

Mercedes EQA (delivery time: 9 months)

RRP from EUR 47,541, savings: up to EUR 12,346


VW ID.4 GTX (delivery time: 10-12 months)

RRP from EUR 50,415, savings: up to EUR 8,732

Skoda Enyaq iV

Skoda Enyaq iV (delivery time: 10-15 months)

RRP from EUR 34,600, savings: up to EUR 11,137

These Renault cannot be ordered

A heavy blow is the news from Renault that neither e-cars nor plug-in hybrids can be ordered for the time being! Even the best-selling electric car in Europe, the small car Renault Zoe, can no longer be ordered.
The subsidiary Dacia is also affected: The electric Dacia Spring can no longer be ordered.
Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe can currently no longer be ordered.

Order freeze for e-Up and Smart EQ Forfour

AUTO BILD and the new car comparison portal have determined how long you have to wait for which model at The Audi e-tron Q4 currently holds the sad record: 18 months. That’s a year and a half, half the term in many leasing contracts! Its Q4 Sportback variant takes about three months less.
Those who want to drive a Smart EQ fortwo also have to be particularly patient: there is also a 15-month waiting period! After all, it will take 12 to 15 months for the Skoda Enyaq SUV crossover to be on the doorstep. The Spanish brother of the ID.3, the Cupra Born, is also rare for 10-12 months. You have to wait 9 months for the Kia e-Soul, and even 10 to 12 months for the EV6.

Even Tesla makes its customers wait a long time

The Honda e is also a shock: the delivery time for the likeable lifestyle dwarf has almost doubled in the past quarter from 5 to 6 to now 9 to 12 months.
There are big differences at e-car pioneer Tesla: The Model 3, designed as a mass e-car, is just around the corner after 6 to 8 months. Here, too, the delivery time has been extended by a few months. Model S and Model X are now not available at all! That should drive some interested parties to despair. For the Model Y, which has recently been manufactured regularly in the new Tesla plant in Berlin-Grünheide, Carwow also states a waiting period of 6 to 8 months and savings of up to 7975 euros.
Here is the current overview (as of April 2022) based on data from AUTO BILD and Below you will find tips with which you can still get your electric car quickly.

Delivery times for e-cars at

Audi: five to eighteen months


BMW: seven to ten months


Citroën: four to six and a half months


Dacia: not available to order


Dacia Spring: currently not available for order. It is not known when this will change (as of April 2022).

DS: five months


Fiat: three to six months


Ford: six and a half to eight months


Honda: nine to twelve months


Hyundai: six to twelve months


Jaguar: four to five months


Kia: nine to twelve months


Mazda: four to five months


Mercedes: three to nine months


Mini: twelve months


Nissan: six months


Opel: eight to twelve months


Peugeot: three and a half to seven months


Polestar: four months


Porsche: three months


Renault: cannot be ordered


Renault Zoe, Renault Twingo Electric; Renault Kangoo ZE; Renault Mégane E-Tech: currently not available to order! (as of April 2022)

Seat: cannot be ordered


Seat Mii electric: cannot be ordered

Skoda: six to fifteen months


Smart: fifteen months


Tesla: six to eight months


Volkswagen: nine to twelve months


Volvo: ten to thirteen months


How to get an electric car faster

► Check the major online portals for preconfigured vehicles. As a precaution, dealers often order models that they hope will be in high demand.

► Even price brokers such as often have contingents on offer that dealers have already ordered and in some cases even delivered. In the case of new vehicles, the environmental bonus can still be applied for. And: not all vehicles are available on
► If you cannot find what you are looking for, a leasing vehicle could be of interest to you. Dealers often order cars specifically for leasing – such offers are often also available at short notice, for example on platforms such as (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) or Leasingmarkt. The waiting time until provision is always given.
▶︎ You can also get a vehicle faster with an e-car subscription. You can also try it out and calculate whether the electric drive really suits you.

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