Deltarune by Toby Fox: Development of the second chapter “goes well”

For the 5th anniversary of Undertale, there is again information about Toby Fox’s new project. Famitsu used this occasion to publish a large article Delta rune that we would like to introduce to you in translation.

When asked about the state of affairs, Toby Fox replied that basically all chapters had been sketched out. “The first draft of all dialogues for cutscenes is also ready. Toby and his team started developing the second chapter a few months ago and the process has been going well so far, ”writes Famitsu.

“Even though Toby injured his wrist seven months ago, the development of the second chapter went faster than the first – all thanks to the support of his team. Overall, they are satisfied with the process and the progress in development, but it will still take a while until everything is finished, ”the magazine continues.

If you haven’t played the first chapter yet, you can do so on PCs, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It is available for free! At Nintendo Everything you will also find a copy of the article, which offers some new screenshots.

via Nintendo Everything, images: Deltarune, Toby Fox


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