Deltarune: Four new screenshots and an extensive status update

After the interview with Famitsu, in which Toby Fox already had some insights into the progress of Delta rune has announced, there is still an extensive update today. Toby has published a “Deltarune Status Update” on the official website, which has it all.

He thanks the fans for all the support and points out that Deltarune is much more extensive and more difficult to program than Undertale. He also no longer works on the game alone. The team consists of a total of four people, but in the end he is still the story writer, the composer, the audio director, the map designer, the battle designer, the mini game designer and the director.

He also writes about his hand injury, which he already described to Famitsu. For a while he was unable to play the piano, use a mouse or keyboard. But now it’s on to the home straight with Chapter 2, you can see the exact progress in the English-language status update for yourself.

Here are the four new screenshots!

Images: Deltarune, Toby Fox


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