Demand for the new Model S and Model X is high, according to Tesla – but production is only just beginning

In a very short press release on Friday, Tesla reported on its production and delivery figures in the first quarter of 2021 – and they were far better than expected and even more so than in some cases feared. With 184,800 electric car deliveries, Tesla surprisingly set its own record from the previous quarter again, and production in Q1 2021 was also higher than ever before. This is all the more remarkable given that two of the four Tesla models were virtually unavailable in the quarter.

The first Model S should come in February

Even before Christmas 2020, Tesla reportedly announced a three-week break in the production of Model S and Model X and later asked its sales staff to sell existing copies of the two premium electric cars by the end of January if possible. It was therefore clear to observers that a facelift for Model S and Model X would come. Tesla confirmed the refresh at the end of January. From the outside, both remained largely unchanged, inside the cockpit became more modern and under the sheet metal the drive technology, which for the first time includes a plaid option with three motors.

The new Model S and Model X could also be ordered directly on the day of the launch, although the delivery date for Germany was September 2020 (now November 2021). In the USA, however, according to Tesla boss Elon Musk, the first Model S in a refreshed form should be delivered in February. There were no reports of this, however, and Tesla’s Q1 figures have now confirmed: Not a single new Model S or Model X has been delivered yet.

High demand for refreshed Teslas

In fact, in the first quarter of 2021 there were still deliveries of the two top models in 2020, but these were exclusively copies from before the refreshment. This can also be seen from the new Tesla numbers, because they indicate the production of Model S and Model X in Q1 2021 as 0. Refreshed Model Ss had previously been observed several times on streets in the USA and even the departure of a van from the Fremont factory with one of them on it.

Observers therefore expected the first deliveries at least in March, but they did not materialize. Apparently only test or prototype vehicles have been produced so far, and according to Tesla’s announcement, the series could be a little longer in coming: Model S and Model X would be “in the early stages of production ramp-up,” it says. On the other hand, the response to them is described as “exceptionally good”, which should mean high demand – now Tesla just has to manage to serve it.


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