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A direct billing of services of the high service for health and nursing (GuKP) with the health insurances and a corresponding adaptation of the ASVG is required. With a clear supply mandate and a corresponding standardized catalog of services, freelance nurses within the framework of primary care could transparently bill their services with the health insurers, is the wish.

It is also criticized that professional carers who ensure that people can live in their home for as long as possible are often confused with domestic helpers and carers. This branch of nursing also has outstanding medical and nursing skills, which not only have to be noticed, but also rewarded accordingly, demands the ÖGKV. And the care of the chronically ill and those in need of care in the extramural area cannot be based on a “just-in-time principle”. “The health system is not an industrial production complex and cannot be handled as such. Cost efficiency and economic work are important, but cannot always be set as the top priority,” states the health and nursing association.


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