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“Den of the lions”: Gymbutler should solve annoying gym problem

Maximilian Sander and Tim Bormann explain their invention to the lions.

TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer

What to do with the water bottle when doing sports? Everyone who has worked out in the gym has probably asked themselves this question. Two founders have recognized the potential: Tim Bormann and Maximilian Sander will present their solution to the problem this evening in the “Lions’ Den”.

The product with the catchy name “Gymbutler” consists of a ring made of silicone that is wrapped around the drinking bottle. On one side there is a strong magnet that can be attached to any magnetic surface – for example any training device, the founders claim. The two are enthusiastic athletes themselves, which is what drove them to invent the “Gymbutler”.

“It’s not just about convenience,” Bormann explains in an interview with “If the drinking bottle is somewhere else, you drink less – and that reduces your performance.” The two friends complement each other well: Maximilian Sander is a mechanical engineer and designed a prototype on the computer the evening after the initial idea. Bormann is a graduate economist and has business knowledge.

Gymbutler is no longer just a bottle holder

Both say they were not afraid of failure: “We had nothing to lose.” In the meantime, the “Gymbutler” is no longer just a bottle holder for sports: It was the brand’s own customers who sent Bormann and Sander mails along Suggestions on how to implement the bracket in the household; for example as a holder for the hair dryer.

The founders offer the Löwen jury around Carsten Maschmeyer a 20 percent share in the company and want 100,000 euros for it. Whether there will be a deal for the “Gymbutler” or not, you can see this evening in the “Den of the Lions”.


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