Denmark is working on a ‘vaccine passport’ for those who received a corona vaccine

As countries around the world have started distributing corona vaccines to the population, more and more questions are starting to arise about the situation after the vaccine period. In addition, there are several countries that consider a passport to indicate who received the vaccine or not.

The coronavirus has radically changed the world in a year. And we will probably feel the effects of that for a long time to come. For example, various countries are working on a special passport with which it can be made clear whether someone has been vaccinated against the corona virus.

Vaccine passport

For some countries it was already necessary to receive certain vaccinations. But after the global outbreak of the coronavirus, the vaccine against Covid-19 may also be necessary for those who want to travel. Denmark wants to make it easier with a special vaccine passport to prove that you received a vaccine against the corona virus.

“We expect countries to ask for evidence that people have been vaccinated when they enter the country. A Danish vaccine passport can come in handy here ”, the Danish Ministry of Health informs the Danish medium DR. “A vaccine passport is the way for us to leave the restrictions behind and travel more by plane.”

“Also useful for festivals”

The passport could be distributed to residents of Denmark in the coming months. In addition, research must be carried out into the duration of the protection of the vaccine, so that this can also be clearly indicated on the passport.

According to the Danish Ministry of Health, the passports can also be used for purposes other than traveling alone. “I think many festivals could use this because it ensures that no outbreaks happen at a festival,” said Esben Marcher of Dansk Live. Last year, the big festival Roskilde had to be canceled in Denmark.

Vaccination in Denmark

Just like in our country, Denmark started vaccinating its inhabitants at the end of December. Before the turn of the year, 13,331 people had already received their first vaccine there.

Again, just like in our country, the elderly and health workers are the first to come. In addition, Denmark hopes to have all residents of residential care centers vaccinated for the first time by the end of this week.

Denmark is one of the countries that coped best with the corona crisis: See the full list here.


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