DER travel agency closes a number of branches and cuts jobs

A DER branch in Zittau, Saxony.

A DER branch in Zittau, Saxony.

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As a result of the corona pandemic, sales in the tourism industry have plummeted. Travel warnings and restrictions resulted in empty accommodations in the otherwise much frequented ski areas in winter and neglected sandy beaches in the popular holiday regions in summer. The crisis is also particularly hard on travel agencies. The organizers are now drawing further conclusions.

The leading tourism chain DER Reisebüro is planning to close 40 of the around 500 branches in Germany. The company of the Rewe Group announced this in response to a request from the “German Press Agency”. The number of full-time employees is to be reduced by six percent. The company is planning a socially acceptable reduction through a volunteer program, they say. The employees concerned will therefore be offered vacancies in other branches.

The decision was inevitable due to the booking slump in the Corona crisis, the company announced. At the end of last year, the parent company DER Touristik in Germany announced that it would cut 253 of the 1,422 full-time positions over the next three years. Tour operators such as Dertour, Meiers Weltreisen, ITS and Jahn Reisen also belong to the company.

Also Tui before branch closings

At the world’s largest travel company Tui, the closings and job cuts could be even greater. The company’s management is considering closing 50 of the 450 or so branches in Germany – that would be 13 percent of all branches. However, the works council rejected the dismantling in stationary travel agencies as early as autumn 2020. The extensive and difficult discussions with the group are continuing, according to the employee representatives.

The group has been planning cuts in administration, hotels, airlines and travel agencies for a long time, reports the “Handelsblatt”. At the same time, digitization is to be promoted. Employees criticize TUI’s approach. The works council demands that the chances of continuing many offices be examined more intensively.

The travel company, headquartered in Hanover, has already received 4.3 billion euros in state aid from the federal government. The Tui Group recorded a total loss of 3.1 billion euros due to the pandemic in 2020. The company’s turnover has melted from 19.9 billion to 7.9 billion euros.

These German companies have applied for state aid because of the Corona crisis



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