Design your own iPhone – Tim Cook reviews it

A website lets you create your own iPhone. You will then see the price and Tim Cook himself will rate your design.

Have you always wanted to create your dream iPhone? The website gives you the opportunity to create an iPhone according to your ideas. You start with a simple smartphone model, to which you can add various “features” via drag-and-drop, such as:

  • pro camera

  • dual camera

  • volume button

  • notches

  • Apple logo

  • Home button

  • Punch hole camera

  • antenna

  • HDMI

  • etc.

You can choose from 30 different objects to customize your iPhone. If you’re happy with your creation, you can quickly get an assessment from the Apple CEO himself. Simply click on “Present” in the top right corner, whereupon your personal iPhone will be presented under choral songs with a price indication and a commentary by Tim Cook will be heard. Cook commented on our iPhone model with HDMI connection and antenna: “This is not just an upgrade, this is a breakthrough!”. However, the sayings of the Apple CEO vary and are generally very positive. One should therefore not pride oneself on it too much.

A nice fun for in between! You can, of course, take things a little more seriously. To do this, we recommend that you take a screenshot (this is how it works on the iPhone) of your current home or lock screen and upload it as a possible background image for the iPhone dummy. To do this, simply click on the 3D model’s screen and choose Wallpaper from the pop-up menu. You can also upload your own pictures here.

Feel free to try it out in person and send us your best iPhone suggestions! However, if you want a realistic idea of ​​what features the upcoming iPhone 14 will be equipped with, we recommend our big iPhone 14 rumors article with all known info and leaks.

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