Designers develop air bubble to protect doctors from corona infection

Plastique Fantastique

  • The design studio “Plastique Fantastique” has developed a plastic blister that doctors can use to treat corona patients more safely.
  • According to the developers, the bladder is versatile and is intended to minimize the risk of infection.
  • According to the Robert Koch Institute, more than 10,000 health workers have already been infected in Germany, reports the “Tagesschau”.

In many medical facilities, there is a lack of adequate protective equipment for staff due to the corona pandemic. Many doctors, nurses and helpers are therefore exposed to a high risk of infection. The design studio “Plastique Fantastique” has therefore developed its own solution to the problem. The studio developed a plastic bladder in which doctors and medical staff can get in touch with the infected patient in a protected manner.

The large and versatile bladder could be used multiple times and in many places. It consists of its own air pressure system, which keeps the air in the bladder clean. From the bladder, doctors can then connect with the infected patient.

RKI: Over 10,000 health workers infected

According to the Robert Koch Institute, over 10,000 health workers have already been infected with the virus, as the “Tagesschau” reports. The newly developed plastic bladder could significantly reduce the risk of infection.

See in our picture gallery how the plastic bubble is constructed and works.

The plastic bladder developed by designers for the safe treatment of corona patients

This article has been translated from English by Klemens Handke. You can find the original here.


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