Despite all the uncertainties, plenty of holiday plans are being made: ‘We just keep booking!’ | To travel

Yes, yes and yes again! Our mailbox almost exploded with emails in which very concrete holiday plans are shared with us. Many readers cannot wait to travel abroad again.

For example, Marcel Kunst has already reserved a spot at a campsite in Croatia for July and André and Mieke Harteveld are going to Kos for a week in June: “We miss the food, the great atmosphere, the beach, the terraces.”

Juulke Billekens felt “no fear at all” when she booked her summer vacation to Turkey a few weeks ago. “As a family, we are ready for something to look forward to,” she says. “We hope that corona does not throw a spanner in the works, but fortunately we are well insured for that.”

Anita Hubers has several holidays in store: in June to Portugal, in December to Thailand and next year New Orleans. “We just keep booking!”

Judith Uijtewaal-Damen reports from the American city of Cleveland that her parents have booked tickets to visit her next summer. “We are counting down the days. We ourselves hope to be able to fly to the Netherlands for Christmas. Fingers crossed… ”


Despite all the uncertainties, my wife and I have booked a holiday to Crete for October. We handed in our vouchers to the travel agency and took advantage of a spring discount. We’re looking forward to!

Wout van der Horst

To discover

Before corona we always went to France by camper. Lovely tour from campsite to campsite. Now we stay in the Netherlands to be on the safe side. We will probably also make some nice discoveries here.

Janny Gort

Boring stuff

We only go on vacation when everything is back to normal. First, the terraces and all museums have to reopen. As the situation is now, we think it’s boring.

Marian and Albert van Trigt

Round trip

A tour of Southern Europe is planned for this autumn. By car to Italy, then the boat to Greece and back via Serbia and Germany. We are going in the autumn because we expect that the borders will be open by then.

Johan Sijtsema

In the starting blocks

Normally I go to Cuba for a week a few times a year, where I have many friends. I cannot wait to go there again. Everything is ready and I keep a close eye on the site of the airline. Just the thought of going on vacation again makes me feel good.

Lideke Noorda


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