Despite shortages: EU exports corona vaccine millions of times abroad

Pfizer employees in Puurs, Belgium pack vaccine doses of the Biontech / Pfizer corona vaccine

Pfizer employees in Puurs, Belgium pack vaccine doses of the Biontech / Pfizer corona vaccine

Kenzo Tribouillard / AFP via Getty Images

For months, the European Union has been criticized for its slow procurement of vaccines against the coronavirus. Now the “New York Times” reports, citing internal documents: Despite a lack of vaccines, vaccine manufacturers exported 25 million vaccine doses from the EU in the past month alone.

According to the Times, eight million doses of vaccine went to Great Britain alone – the country with which the EU is currently in dispute over deliveries from the British manufacturer AstraZeneca. According to the New York Times, another three million cans were exported to Canada, 2.7 million to Japan, 2.5 million to Mexico, 1 million to Saudi Arabia, 800,000 each to Chile and Singapore, and 660,000 to Malaysia, 651,000 to the US and 600,000 to Australia.

According to ZDF journalist Stefan Leifert, the export volume continued to grow in March. EU officials have confirmed that since February 1, pharmaceutical manufacturers have shipped 34 million doses of corona vaccine from the EU around the world – 9 million of them to the UK and 1 million to the USA.

The EU is said to have asked the USA for a loan of corona vaccines

The “New York Times” also reports that the EU has asked the US government for a loan of ten million doses of the corona vaccine from the US manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Government officials in both the EU and the United States have confirmed that this request has been denied.

The European Medicines Agency (Ema) is expected to approve the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Thursday. As reported on Tuesday, however, the pharmaceutical company is having considerable difficulties keeping its delivery promises to the EU for the second quarter of 2021. Deliveries of the vaccine could therefore only begin in May. The reason given in EU circles is the de facto export ban on vaccines from the USA. The government of President Joe Biden only announced on Wednesday that it would order 100 million more vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson.



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