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Despite the corona crisis, the Dutch drink more champagne | Culinary

Champagne had already been popularized in the Netherlands over the past year, but corona has only amplified this. “We have long since been drinking champagne not only at a new job or a new house, but also on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the garden, at the start of a dinner or to enjoy life,” said Bob Bron, director of Moët Hennessy Netherlands, at the launch of the new podcast series ‘Where do bubbles come from’.

More money for luxury food and drinks

The average Dutch person saves more because he cannot go on holiday or go out for dinner, says Bron. “People now spend a lot more on luxury food and drink at home. A high-quality piece of meat from the butcher and a nice bottle of wine or champagne. ”

Great year

When the corona crisis broke out last year, champagne sales initially fell sharply. According to Bron, this is mainly due to the disappearance of nightclubs and cruise ships. In 2020, it caused a volume loss of 18% worldwide, compared to 2019. “The closing of the night catering industry in particular had a major impact.”

Because opening a bottle of champagne was no longer possible in the catering industry, the bubbles were often drunk at home, because champagne sales through liquorers and online shops rose sharply last year: 21% more than the year before.

Bron expects sales to rise even further this year. “Especially now that the catering industry is reopening and people will stay in the Netherlands for the coming months.”


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