Despite too few letters, John from BzV found the right one

In the last episode you heard that there was only friendship between John and his letter writers. That much has happened in the meantime is an understatement. It is a big shot between him and Marlies. “After the reunion was shot, the ball started to roll, the two of me. I then contacted Marlies again. She worked with corona patients during that period, she is a pulmonologist in training and was quite busy. We had a conversation and later we went for a walk “, says the farmer.

Marlies made an impression on him, because she kept on haunting his head. “Even though I was dating another person. At one point everything went wrong and I was really disappointed. I built in some rest and then I thought: I should put on the naughty shoes.”

In fact, it is so serious between the two lovebirds that the visit to the parents is already planned. Moreover, the couple in love will soon pack their bags to get a breath of fresh air on Ameland for a few days.

Not only John is completely in love, farmer Geert is also back to wife. In Ingrid he found the wow factor.


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