Detail photo of the interior: Tesla is bringing back ventilated seats in Model S and Model X.

The refresh of the Tesla Model S and Model X, which was presented at the end of January after some speculation, was urgently expected, because both have been aerodynamic for a few years in their basic form. From the outside, not much has changed with the refresh, but the Plaid option with three motors is completely new for the drive. In the interior, on the other hand, the touchscreen, which is now installed horizontally, the steering rectangle known as a yoke and the lack of levers to the left and right of it have so far been particularly noticeable. With so much futurism in the two top Teslas, however, a very classic luxury detail seems to have been overlooked so far.

Update: There have actually been no reports of the new extra. But attentive readers pointed out that you don’t have to examine pictures to discover it: under the detailed information on the interior in the Tesla configurator for Model S and Model X, “ventilated front seats” is now listed as one of the features. The introduction of the cooling function can thus be considered safe. We apologize for overlooking this.

Perforated seat in the new Model S

Acceleration, driving experience and software luxury are beyond almost any doubt even in the basic Tesla Model 3, but the higher-positioned Model S and Model X are often held up because they lack other premium features. Above all, the German combustion engine competition offers plenty of extras for inside, including seats that can be heated, cooled, folded out to lie down and even used for massaging. But a closer look into the interior of one of the first Model S on public roads suggests that Tesla is now at least reintroducing the cooling function.

If you pay close attention to it, the change is also noticeable when you look at the official images in the Tesla configurator for Model S and Model X. In the large photo of the new interior, the yoke and the new screen catch the eye, but at the bottom of the picture you can see part of the passenger seat – and this appears to be perforated, which usually means seat cooling. This can be seen more clearly in a photo of a new Tesla Model S that Twitter user @nickrgeorge published on Twitter over the weekend.


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From the outside, the white Model S can be recognized as a refresh model by its slightly wider jaws, and the cockpit is, so to speak, a hybrid of old and new. As in the Tesla pictures, the levers to the left and right of the steering are missing, but a normal steering wheel is installed instead of the angular yoke. In this case, this deviation should have attracted attention. But it is clearer than with Tesla itself that the interior picture from @nickrgeorge shows that the passenger seat is perforated. The driver’s seat further away is shown less clearly, but later the observer posted another photo inside, on which the perforation can also be clearly seen on the left.

More premium for Tesla interiors

The seat detail seems to have escaped the discoverer of the Model S in California, and it initially played no role in the comments on his message. With the refresh for Model S and Model X, Tesla is moving in the direction of more premium choice in the interior, as beige has been added as a third option for seats and panels in addition to black and snow white. An additional screen for the rear seats, which is fed from a computer with the performance of current game consoles, means a further upgrade in the digital area. And the seat cooling that is about to be reintroduced (permanently?) Shows that Tesla is also available for more classic luxury if necessary.


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