Determined Mike Snoei: ‘We’ll get the job done on Wednesday and De Graafschap will still be awarded a PhD’ | Football

„I cannot blame my players at all. They did everything in the second half. We had Young Ajax on our knees, but post, crossbar, a ball on the goal line … We should have had two or three chances ”, a disappointed Snoei said in front of the camera. ESPN.

“I really enjoyed the second half, but I hardly dare to say that, because we have not been promoted. But on Wednesday we will finish the job. These guys are going to get up. If they deliver the same as today during the second half and part of the first half, then De Graafschap will enter the Eredivisie. ”

“The disappointment in the dressing room was great afterwards, Snoei saw. “That’s logical, because we wanted to graduate so badly today. Especially after that bizarre supporters campaign. I’ve never seen anything like it. ”


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