Deutsche Post discontinues e-mail – this is how customers save their data

E-mail did not bring the hoped-for success, and the service is now being discontinued altogether. Customers still have two months to save their data.

Deutsche Post is discontinuing e-mail, the mix of e-mail and letter introduced twelve years ago. A paid alternative remains, but it is expensive. E-Post users only have until November to save their data.

E-mail – a failure?

It is difficult to say anything about the success or failure of e-mail because Deutsche Post keeps user data under lock and key. When the service went online in July 2010, over a million users are said to have registered. But the registration process is very complicated and only a fraction actually complete it. One of Deutsche Post’s first attempts to expand its offering into the digital space – not an easy undertaking.

Only this much is certain: commercial success is probably no longer sufficient to continue operating the service.

Backing up data: users must now take this into account

E-Post customers now have until November 30 to save their data. After that, they will be deleted from the servers.

Deutsche Post offers a data export, which you can access via this page. Scroll down a bit to “Data export made easy”. You can also download all sent and received e-mail letters, as well as your folders, drafts and the recycle bin.

E-mail discontinued – these are the alternatives

If you want to continue to manage your mail digitally, you will have to switch to other providers. After the end of e-mail, Deutsche Post only offers the digital mailbox “E-Postscan”. In addition to physical delivery, letters addressed to you are also digitized and sent to the digital mailbox. However, the service costs EUR 24.99 per month – and you cannot use it to send letters digitally. In addition, Deutsche Post will continue to offer similar services to business customers.

Another option is the cooperation of Deutsche Post with GMX and WEB.DE. The two mail services offer services similar to e-mail, for example letter notification or digital mail delivery.

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